Every construction project is a major undertaking and, with precision and expertise required in even the smallest details, cannot be rushed through to completion. From the day it was founded, in 1998, CKJ Building Services has striven to provide excellence in everything it does and has continually developed its services to all of its clients with that basic principle in mind.

Missions & Values

To meet, and then exceed, our clients’ expectations at every stage of a project, from the initial consultation to the final day of the project.

This mission is built upon solid values that we hold dear; values that we know distinguish us from our competitors. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients by providing professional excellence while maintaining an approachable attitude and open lines of communication. After all, you hire us to make your vision a reality, not ours.

We also strive to cause the absolute minimum interruption to our clients’ daily operations. So, whether you’re a school, whose students and teachers cannot be distracted, a manufacturing firm, whose production cannot be impeded, or corporate office, whose staff cannot be disrupted, we endeavor to complete the contract as swiftly and efficiently as possible

Range of Expertise

We have built an enviable reputation in the building industry in general, but it is our work in the commercial sector in particular that has seen us gain many plaudits. In fact, amongst the range of projects we’ve completed is major construction and renovation work for the manufacturing, services, F&B, hospitality and educational sectors.

Whether a new factory complex needs to be constructed on a green-field site, a restaurant requires a major refitting, an office floor needs to be re-modelled and modernised, or a school requires a complete renovation and new classroom space to be created, CKJ Building Services understands the specific needs that clients have and the variety of challenges the particular project can face.

That is why, as part of our service, we are happy to provide practical advice to our clients on the best available options, from the initial planning of the project through every challenge that rears its head.

And, because of our proven experience in project management, our clients can be fully confident that the work will be finished on time every time, and within budget. In fact, we have built a network of affiliate partners to ensure that even the most complex projects are efficiently and cost-effectively run.

Our Team

Our reputation as one of the leading construction companies in Sydney comes as a result of our history of excellence in the industry. That excellence has been achieved though our very experienced team led by director and CEO Chris Cowley.

The founder and director of CKJ Building Services, Chris has gathered a wealth of experience in all aspects of the building industry since he began as an apprentice carpenter in 1981. In that time, he has learned to achieve the highest standards in carpentry, joinery and construction from master tradesmen, and how to overcome the every-day challenges of the building trade through years spent on-site.

Amongst the significant projects he has worked on were the OTC Building on Elizabeth St, as Foreman, the 105-unit Glebe Gardens project in Hereford St, Glebe, as Project Manager, and construction of the Western Stand of the Olympic Stadium as Site Manager.

Other key team members are Colin Muir, Chad Cowley and Greg Young who have all brought a considerable combined expertise to the firm, enhancing its range of capabilities and its quality of work, and helping to make CKJ Building Services the leading light of the building trade that it is today.